Our first international Postcard! Berlin, Germany… i think i love drunk post cards…

This drunken postcard reminds me of my trip to Berlin and one of my favorite and most memorable nights I had in Europe. When beer prices are actually cheaper than bottled water, my thinking is- you are in a good city.

The four of us walked a lot, mostly because we did not know how to pronounce anything in German to taxi drivers except guten tag and ein bier bitte, which means ‘hello’ and ‘one beer please,’ the second phrase actually helped us a lot… Walking along the broken sections of the Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate and to Check Point Charlie- the area that separated East and West Germany, was really interesting to see, it made those images you see in books and online really come to life. Another thing I noticed besides the amazing graffiti and the fact that my hands felt like they were in a tub of ice water, was the amount of dog poo everywhere (hopefully it’s not like the tenderloin in San Francisco, where you are not sure if it really is from a dog…ugh). After ordering a currywurst from a cart and getting my sausage manhandled from the lady behind the counter and then having her play hot-potato with my piece of bread- I still don’t know why they did not have tongs, we bought tickets to a bar/club crawl.

If anyone is going to Berlin I highly suggest going on a club crawl. We went to some amazing places, had alcohol poured from the bottle into our mouths while on the subway, snowball fights with other bar goers on the sidewalk (omg I hope I wasn’t making poo-balls and hitting anyone with it *gag) and having the time of our lives. The night ended up with one of us crying and you know that means it was a fun night.


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