Cusco, Peru…”Top five Peruvian memories…”

!Hola Promise to Write! Here are our top five Peruvian Memories to date: 5. Visiting the Inca Ruins and the markets of the Scared Valley. 4. Spicy trout ceviche, cafe con leche, alpaca stew, quinoa soup, chicha, and pisco sours. 3. several awkward marriage proposals from local vendors and waiters. 2. ‘Motown’ party at our hostel featuring free ‘jelly shots’. 1 Being told by our waiter to zip up my sweater because he had “a pretty good view” from where he stood. Love, Erin + Lindsey”

Sorry I am not exactly sure how to make the upside down explanation point and I don’t want to look it up (I am pretty lazy…). Anyways I love this PC! This really makes me want to go to Peru! The food and sights sound amazing, and i love me some Motown. Did the waiter that told you to zip up your sweater, also propose to you after the good view you gave him? (^__–)

This reminds me of when I was in Cairo and they asked me how many camels my friend was worth, I said “just one .” Just kidding, I told him too many to count. They probably weren’t as suave as the Peruvians.


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