Thank You Yellow Cab!

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I am the driver of the taxi you took home Sunday night and I just wanted to let you know that you left your back- pack with all your stuff ( car keys, clothes, date planner and post cards) in the car. Because of company policy your things had to be turned into “lost and found”. I could not hold them for you,  I do want to inform you how to get them back. Call yellow cab and ask for Wilma and she will work with you. You may have a driver bring the things to you, so you don’t have to figure how to get out there. They will charge you, but you get your things back. If you fail to do so in three months they are discarded. So good luck and consider this my post card…chow -Kei

OMG! I can’t believe this! SO this day, I was out all day long  drinking with friends. I woke up the next morning wondering how I got home and looking for my keys. I still don’t remember anything from the last hours of the night, taxi ride home, or stumbling into my place. Good thing, one of the few things my drunk friend I was sharing the cab with remembered, was that we were riding a Yellowcab. When I got to the taxi headquarters, it was crazy! You would not believe believe the number of cell phones, sunglasses, cameras, bags, and other random things people have left in taxis (A nintendo 64 remote controller and a baby stroller were the most random things I saw).

Kei if you are reading this, I have picked up my bag and everything was still there. Thank you so much for taking care of my stuff! and thank you Yellowcab staff for not stealing my stuff! =)



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