A little about me…

Scorpions and seahorse in Beijing

Hello all! Well since my site is new and moving along slowly (but surely!…but slowly…) I decided to let you know a little about me (so you don’t get too bored looking at the same two post…) and will create a few post about where I have been…

I am 25 years old with a passion for travel and adventure. While attending college in California, I was selected to study abroad in Nottingham, England- that changed my life. From that I was able to travel all around Europe, Northern Africa and was then chosen to teach at a prestigious University in Beijing, China. My love for learning and discovering new things was born.

Since then I have been to 25 countries on 5 different continents. I have been to some amazing parties: Carnival in Brazil, St Patrick’s Day in Ireland, Full Moon Party in Thailand (and if anyone is curious, there is a lot drinking involved… a lot…). I have done some exciting things: scuba dived with sharks, bungee jumped off the tallest bungee in the world in Macau (Yes. I do have what it takes), haggled for shisha pipes (hookahs) in a grand bazaar in Cairo, challenged people 100+ pounds heavier than me to beer chugging contest all over Europe (I haven’t lost yet…), had hundreds of ‘fish doctors’ eat the dead skin off my feet (lucky them) in Japan, and walked across the Golden Gate Bridge (well half way… but i live here, i will get to it!) and I have eaten some strange foods: scorpion (crispy), giant sea snails (yum), snake (eh not bad) followed by snake wine (strong and disgusting), full fugu dinner (potentially lethal), dog (hummm…different…), sting ray (bony), whale (Yes I know, poor whales, but it was only a piece of jerky!), and so much more;  some good some bad (do not eat the stuffed pigeon!…I learned the hard way.), but each seared a memory and story in my head.

My experience traveling was not just measured by the parties, fun and food (don’t get me wrong, they played a big part), but the people I met and the friends I made from around the world will truly be the thing I cherish the most.

P.s. i didn’t try the seahorse…


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