Folsom Week at Promise to Write!

Hey Everyone! Some of you may know about Folsom Street Fair; it is the largest fetish fair in the world and is held in San Francisco each year. It really brings out the most exuberant characters from around the world and is a must see event (except for the kids, I still do not understand why people would bring their kids!?)

Last month after Folsom St. Fair I gave out some postcards and recently got them back. SO! starting tomorrow it will be ‘Folsom Week’ at Promise to Write. I will be loading up all the Folsom cards I received every two days, like usual. I hope you enjoy!

As for my Folsom St Fair story. I was staying on Folsom St right in the middle of the festivities and at about noon I wanted to walk my dog before it got too crazy. As I was walking towards the glass doors to get out, I noticed I was blocked in by a bound naked lady getting spanked by a leather clad man. I kindly knocked on the glass and said ‘excuse me,’ they both looked, smiled and the lady hopped over unblocking my way. It was a very interesting way to start off my day…

I really don’t mind people petting my dog while I walk by, but if you are a naked man, I would not put your crotch anywhere near a dogs mouth, especially if it is a pit-bull, one nip and it’s over for you. Good thing that did not happen though, my dog is a lover not a fighter – apparently. However; this naked man did pet him and as I screamed ‘No!’ with a broken heart I watch my slutty dog lick the man’s junk =*(. After that, I was headed home to wash off his snout, but was stopped by a few people wanting to pet him and they let him lick their faces… Rule of thumb for me, dogs do not get to lick my face.


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