Taiwan and Philippines!

So a friend of mine is an English teacher in Taiwan and she and her students sent a few postcards. I hope you enjoy!

I’m Sunny. I live in Taiwan. I’m eleven years old. I like to listen to music and play badminton. This is Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall. He was a general who fought the Japanese 11 times. We finally won and also gained our freedom. He is a national hero. -Sunny’

Cute… Thanks Sunny for the history lesson!

‘Taiwan has everything you could ever want. The mountains surround me, but i’m right in the city. Cut into the dense dark jungle is a modern urban environment with all the laid back attitude of a tropical island.’

‘Stinky tofu is very smell, the outside is fried, but the inside is soft. The taste is better than the smell. My family and I love stinky tofu. You should definitely try it if you come here! Kenting is a great place. The sea is very blue and clear and you can see many beautiful fish. The Kenting is warm the whole year. -Ruby’

Ummm i have tried stinky tofu and it tastes as bad as it smells… I almost vomited, but maybe I will give it another try. Kenting sounds beautiful though.

‘Tricycle city tour of Puerto Princessa. 7hr van ride to El Nido, lunch on a private beach island hopping for 2 days, climbed through a hole to a hidden lagoon, snorkeled with Nemo, underground river with a gazillion bat. Happy! =) ‘

Makes me jealous…


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