Japanese Fish Doctors

Fish Doctors

Fish Doctors

I guess you could call me an animal lover and when I heard about the Fish Doctors in Tokyo Japan, I was a little grossed out, but still pretty interested. The process is actually a beauty regimen used by the Japanese and other Asians where fish will eat the dead skin off your body. It was about 1000 yen (almost 15UDS) for a fifteen minute foot soak with hundreds of little fish doctors eating me alive. Besides the initial tickle torture and almost dropping my camera in a few times, it was not that bad, much more exciting than the cat cafe we went to earlier- those crazy Japanese.

Now that I really think about it, it’s kinda gross, soaking in all those peoples dirty feet water; I have a thing about feet, I only like them if they are mine. I would do it again though, after getting out and scrubbing my feet like they were a pan with baked on cheese, they felt like a baby’s rump. After the visit I felt it was only fitting we go eat sushi, they ate some of us, now it was our turn, give and take you know?


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