Taiwan…Dear Stinky Tofu…

“Dear Stinky Tofu – Did someone invent you as a prank?!! I only swallowed you to get the stench out of my mouth. Let’s never do it again. Unless I lose my sense of smell. In that case you’ll just be tofu. P.S. Stop saying you are just like blue cheese. You are not. -Scott”

There is a very good reason stinky tofu is named stinky tofu. The way I usually describe it is, imagine the dirtiest alley in Chinatown on a hot day, ripe with rotten food and urine, all pack into a bite sized square . I’ve tried it three times so far and every time I wish I hadn’t, I will try it one more time, but I will wait until I am in Taiwan, hopefully I will not cry from eating it this time.


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