A goal of mine has always been to see, discover, and experience all the world has to offer. Although I may not be able to fulfill my dream of visiting every country, hopefully we can share our experiences with each other and get a little closer together.

‘Promise to Write’  is an online community project, whose mission is to connect travelers, backpackers, jet setters, adventurers, educators, knowledge seekers, and everyone in between and have them share their experiences, tips, recommendations, and stories in a specific place in time with the world.

This is an opportunity for people to share insights from the places they love or hate to visit, that go deeper than their favorite drink or sandwich. This is a space to reveal to the world through the eyes of true experts: people that are there and love to travel.

So pick up a postcard and share your story…

Promise to Write

P.O. Box 425695

San Francisco, CA 94142-5695

Email: Youpromisedtowrite@gmail.com

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